CommPartners offers Service Providers (broadband, wireless, wireline), Carriers and high volume Call Centers a turnkey solution for delivering VoIP phone service to their broadband customers. CommPartners’ solution includes four service categories: Subscriber Endpoint Control, PSTN Interconnection (local telephone numbers, origination and termination services), Subscriber Management and Domestic/International Long Distance. CommPartners’ customers can choose to take advantage of the entire solution, or they can buy “a la carte,” as their pre-existing network investments and internal requirements allow.

Subscriber Endpoint Control:

This element involves providing instructions to the customer premise equipment (“CPE”) which is required to deliver VoIP to the end-subscriber. Subscriber Endpoint Control allows Service Providers to provide dial tone to the subscriber, as well as such calling features as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and Voicemail.

PSTN Interconnection:

Until VoIP is truly ubiquitous, most calls will still need to traverse the legacy PSTN at some point. With CLEC certifications pending in all 50 states and the District of Columbia , CommPartners provides economical, reliable, and optimized connectivity to the PSTN , including Local Number Portability (“LNP”), Long-Haul Transport, and Origination/Termination services.

Our service footprint will grow to encompass 12,000 rate centers by mid-2005.

Subscriber Management:

This class of services helps Service Providers manage all aspects of their subscribers' VoIP service, including a Branded Web FrontPage for subscriber self-activation, web-based subscriber provisioning, event billing, payment processing, and invoicing.

Domestic & International Long Distance:

CommPartners offers competitive domestic long distance (all 50 states) and low international rates.

Getting Started

Service Providers interested in capturing higher margins, wallet share, and subscriber loyalty by rolling out VoIP phone service to their subscribers or improving their internal economics are encouraged to contact CommPartners for pricing and activation information. Click here to request more information about CommPartners Services.